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Cutting Edge Naturals is a Vancouver based manufacturer and distributor of nutritional and nutraceutical formulations for Health Care Professionals.

Cutting Edge Naturals was established in 2010 by Robert Lamberton a Functional Medicine Consultant and Product Formulator who has been working with Health Care Professionals across the spectrum (MD’s, ND’s, DTCM’s, DC’s etc.) for over twenty years.

We offer two brands in our product offering: Cutting Edge Naturals and SmartBrain Formulations.

Education and support continues to be a strong emphasis in our business including a very popular bi-weekly newsletter which is researched and written by Robert and gets sent out to over 3,000 Health Care Professionals across Canada.

We combine the best of cutting edge nutraceutical ingredients with ingredients from Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, African Traditional Medicine, Amazon Rainforest medicinal plants and medicinal herbs from other areas of the world – plus medicinal plants from traditional western herbology.

We use the very highest quality ingredients available on the market and the average cost of our finished formulations is typically double the standard price of formulations available in the market, however we are committed to maintaining a cost effective pricing structure so that our products are affordable for patients.

In addition, we believe that using synthetic vitamin and mineral ingredients in formulations (which includes over 95 % of supplements currently on the market) are an acceptable approach to dealing with a significant, temporary health crisis when prescribed by a Health Care Professional, but their daily usage by individual consumers in fact can have negative health consequences.

We do not believe that consuming supplements made from synthetic ingredients manufactured from coal tar distillates and inorganic mineral salts is a pathway to optimal health!

For this reason, we use organic, whole food concentrate vitamin ingredients in our formulations whenever it is possible to do so.

All our formulations are designed to deal with the causes of health issues: not just the symptoms, which is often the case in many natural product formulations – this is a similar approach to pharmaceutical drugs but using natural compounds.

All of our Cutting Edge Naturals formulations feature adaptogenic herbs and/or patented nutraceutical compounds.


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Bringing Science and Nature Together