May 23, 2013

“I have been extremely impressed with two new professional product formulations that have recently become available in the  market: RaPain Pro and RaHarmony Pro.

I began by using these products personally and had a noticeable improvement  in my joint discomfort (RaPain Pro) and my quality of sleep and mood (RaHarmony Pro).

After my personal trials, I have been using them in my practice: much to my patients’ benefit.

Rob Lamberton has come up with a couple of winners!”

Dr. Kelly Farnsworth, D.C., N.D.

Enerchanges Health Clinic


“Bliss Plus Pro is almost like a mood stabilizer: it boosts your energy and keeps your mood balanced.

I tried it during an appointment with the company representative and I could feel an improvement in  mood and clarity before the end of the appointment.

Based on my personal experience and the company’s extensive research we are now dispensing the product to our patients.

The results have been astounding: Bliss Plus Pro is fast acting and efficacious.

InflammaPain Pro

My receptionist was experiencing debilitating back pain recently so I suggested she try some of the samples of the RaPain Pro.

She experienced dramatic relief within 30 minutes and she now uses it daily.

Based upon this experience we now stock and dispense the product to our patients with great results.

We recommend it to our patients for acute as well as chronic conditions.

Plus we like to support a local B.C. company which provides excellent service.”

Dr. Heathir Naesgaard, N.D.


“I have known Rob Lamberton for over 10 years now, and I appreciate his diligence and commitment to research.

He has demonstrated a commitment to educate his Doctor clients about the rationale for the synergy of his formulations because the formulations are designed to address the causes of health issues – rather than just the symptoms.

I also appreciate learning about medicinal herbs which I never encountered in my Naturopathic training: medicinal herbs from Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, traditional African medicinal herbs, medicinal herbs from the Rainforest – plus the latest cutting edge patented nutraceuticals.

I do not know of any other company or formulator that is combining these diverse ingredients into synergistic formulations: and it is the process and synergy of combining the best medicinal herbs from these diverse traditional medical systems which provides formulations that work as well as – and in many cases superior to – any others I have worked with.

The other aspect that is very exciting is the rapidity with which these formulations provide noticeable results for my patients: often in as little as thirty minutes.

Many patients want quick results because they are used to fast results from prescription pharmaceutial drugs (but obviously the side effects are problematic).

I have witnessed this many times with my patients: they get noticeable results often comparable to the time frame prescription drugs provide: but obviously we are providing natural medicines which facilitate healing rather than dealing with symptoms and side effects like the prescription drugs.

This makes me look like a hero in the eyes of my patients!

I would highly recommend Rob and his company’s products to any of my colleagues in the Health Care professions: the complete package of research, efficacious, fast acting products and a company that provides excellent service from a local B.C. company is hard to beat!

Dr. Heathir Naesgaard, N.D.

“I value these chats with intelligent people as I don’t get to engage in them as often as I would like! I also very much appreciate your no pressure attitude you have for promoting professional products.
I realized right away that you are the type of person I’d like to work with and learn with over the course of my career.”

Dr. Sal Meli, N.D.


I must say I am very impressed with the results after taking the supplements for 3 weeks. I don’t believe I could have achieved the look I presented on stage on my own (without supplements).

As with many competitors, I’m all about staying natural as possible and I can say that these supplements work for me! I wonder if we can work something out so that I can be in on the distribution of these products. Just like Tyrone, I am also very interested in doing business with you.

Thank you again for your help!

Marianne Wong,
Nationally Ranked CBBF Bodybuilding Competitor

Facebook: Marianne Ly